Choose courage
over comfort.
~ Brené Brown

Why Do I React So Impulsively?


Emotions are a big, essential, part of our lives — they largely dictate our thoughts, intentions and, most importantly, our actions. Emotions influence our attitudes and judgments, which in turn, influence the decisions we make.

When these emotions become intense, they can easily overwhelm our rational minds and have a powerful impact on our behavior. Intense emotions, like anger, shame, fear or bitterness, once triggered, can spiral out of control. If left unchecked they will take over our lives.

When we act on our emotions too quickly or act on the wrong kinds of emotions, we often make decisions that we later regret. Integrating and gaining more control over your emotions will help you access your rational brain (prefrontal cortex) in order to make more balanced and informed decisions. In the Life By Chosen Design Workshop, we refer to this process as accessing your “Wise Mind”. Your Wise Mind uses a healthy balance of the rational and the emotional to help you make healthy choices.

This process in our brains explained:
When something happens, our brain automatically responds. The amygdala, the small part of our brain that regulates fight, flight or freeze responses, is activated automatically by a perceived threat and we react, often emotionally and without thinking. When we gain the ability to stall our reaction, we gain access to the frontal lobes of our brains, where we have access to reasoning, better problem solving and perspective. Intense emotions can easily overwhelm our senses and have a powerful impact on our behavior. Fortunately, there are tools to help you overcome an overwhelming emotional response, to help you combat and beat negative self-talk, overreaction, explosive anger, anxiety and regrettable choices.

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