Choose courage
over comfort.
~ Brené Brown

Stop Reacting and Start Acting


We all suffer from emotional overreactions. When things don’t go as we’d like them to, we typically experience stress, anger, anxiety, self-doubt, impatience, irritability, and defensiveness. We tend to lose focus when we can’t regulate our emotions and things can quickly get out of hand — emotions usually spill over and, by the time they recede, the damage is already done. This usually leads to feelings of regret, embarrassment or shame.

Usually though, by waiting just 60 seconds the intensity of the emotion and its hook on your behavior will have subsided and your “Wise Mind”, or prefrontal cortex, is activated.

Managing your emotions and practicing distress tolerance takes time and practice. But the more time and attention you spend on regulating your emotions, the mentally stronger and more capable you’ll become.

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