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Metamotion offers coaching, mentorship, Asperger’s support and facilitation for individuals and small groups. Through a multi-disciplined approach, I aim to share wisdom, information and insight in order to equip you with the practical knowledge and sense of self that you need to thrive in your chosen environment. Metamotion’s ethos is simple: I am here to guide, encourage growth and promote understanding in as personal and as interactive a way as possible, not merely to espouse a single system of solutions. I’m all about building your skill-set, identifying and utilizing the tools already within your reach, and fostering self-reliance.

By upholding this broad range of values, and by tailoring this flexible approach to your situation and the outcomes you wish to achieve, I am able to provide a diverse coaching experience that will always prioritise your requirements over predetermined methodology.

Metamotion is dedicated to encouraging personal learning and enrichment in every applicable form. The skills and insights you take away from my unique coaching service will aid you in every aspect of your life, will encourage you to share your empowerment with the important people in your life, and ultimately stand you in good stead no matter what your goals may be.




Intake session at no fee


Weekly coaching sessions


There will be coaching tasks to complete between sessions


Week three: Feedback session


One follow-up session once coaching outcomes have been achieved


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